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We have the garment embellishment process to suit your needs


At Sports Brands Australia, we believe that no garment is complete without customization to your requirements. Whether you require multiple sponsors’ logos/slogans, player names, a single prominent logo or merely your logo on the garment, we will recommend the best solution for you.

We offer both traditional and modern print & decoration techniques to suit the image and style of your Club

Sublimation Printing: All our made to order Jerseys are Sublimated. This form of printing is so sharp that even the most elaborate images can be printed onto the garment. In the Sublimation process we use the highest quality European inks to print the image onto transfer paper. Under extreme heat the inks are transformed from a solid state to a gas state and the image is transferred onto the fabric.

This technique is recommended where vibrant colour combinations as well as multiple sponsors’ logos, messages or graphics that need to be printed on the garment.

Digital Thermal Transfers: Using this technique, intricate dimensional logos or messages are printed onto an extremely thin nylon or pvc  film and under heat & pressure are pressed onto the garment. This is very useful for applying limited amounts of logos or player’s names or numbers onto a ready-made or stock garments. Where the garment is water resistant, this decorating method is highly recommended.

Embroidery: This is an older more traditional form of decoration. It is usually used to apply Club or Team Crests, names, or slogans to garments such as Polo Shirts, Caps and (non-waterproof) jackets and provides a smart professional look. This process uses coloured yarn which is machine link-stitched into the garment. It is less cost effective than Digital Thermal Transfer and is therefore suitable for smaller emblems, names, and slogans.

Let us know in as much detail as possible what decoration you require on your garments & we will recommend the appropriate solution which will best convey your Club’s image at the most economical cost

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